Becoming Abbie - My Rode Reel 2016 Entry

Olivia and Evelyn
After 7-year old Abbie is given the task of writing a letter to her future self, the unforeseen truths of growing up slowly reveal themselves.

Behind the scenes of Becoming Abbie - My Rode Reel 2016 Entry

Becoming Abbie was shot over the course of four days in the middle of May. Most of the crew had worked together before on other projects so it was almost like family getting back together to make some magic.

The film was inspired by the idea that life rarely turns out the way we plan and we wanted to show that juxtaposition and sometimes irony of that.

A Blackmagic was used for production and a Canon 60D was used for BTS footage. A Rode Videomic captured the behind the scenes audio.

The film was shot primarily at an Allen, TX elementary school and a home in Double Oak, TX.

Many of the scenes were so emotional that only Jay, the director, and Adriana, the DP, were allowed on location with actors. Walkie Talkies were utilized to communicate during these difficult scenes.

We are so honored to be apart of this competition and hope this BTS offers a little piece of the passion we poured in to this!

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Olivia and Evelyn

Olivia Nevels - Producer

Evelyn Pecikonis - Producer / Writer / Assistant Director

Jay Bedrich - Director

Adriana Aguilera - Director of Photography

Samuel Ramsey - 1st Assistant Camera

Erika Kroll - HMU and Wardrobe

Dayton Bell - Production Assistant

Brent Bales - BTS A Camera Operator

Michael Nguyen - BTS B Camera Operator