Doctor Decibel

Listen closely; something is about to take place.

Behind the scenes of Doctor Decibel

A hybrid of a film in many ways, this short is an experiment in audio and visual storytelling, filming, and editing.

Most of the film was shot on an FS700/Odyssey 7Q+ in 4K 60p, with a number of shots in 4K 120fps. An FS5 on a Ronin-M recording to a Shogun was used for the tracking shots.

Audio was recorded live from set and mixed in, with a minimal use of stock recordings.

Edited and graded in FCPX, some After Effects, ProTools for sound design and Digital Performer 9 for score.

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Louis Bako -

Kane Rodrigues -

Jimmy Reid -

Ivor Gracias -

Faisal Hashmi -

Brent Black -

Robert Tasker -

Rik Aby -

Katia Kripak -

Vale V Cvetok -

Zubaik Pro -

Dragan Gasic -

Anand Bhuptani -

Brent Jenkins -

Salman Z Qureshi -

Anastasia Lambrou -

Naomi Mergelhao -

Ursula Manvatkar -

Sabina Baikanova -

Ihab Ali -

Mr. Khamitov -

Marianne Gladwin-Gheyson -

Marilou Ramil -