The Journey

Team Tajunta
The Journey tells a story of an artist, Tajunta. This should be heard by everyone.

Background song was also made by Tajunta.

Behind the scenes of The Journey

Documentary was planned, filmed and recorded within 24 hours and edited in less than 12 hours. Some older footage (thanks to Tajunta) was also included to fill up the gaps and make the story more interesting. Voice over audio by Rode Videomic into the Zoom H1. We tried to make the voice over part outside but it turned out to be too hard so we used just some blankets and mattress. Technique was to go light and just run 'n gun everything together.

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Team Tajunta

Lauri Kaivo-oja - Videographer/photographer and editor

Jyri Hintikka - artist (Tajunta) and main voice and music producer