Dominik Polanc
The girl, slowly wakes up from the trance, tat all the "society" is in and tryes to explore on her own. But what she doesn't know is that she is playing with a stronger force. As she realises that, the real battle for freedom begins. Slowly she gets more and more agressive to the point when nothing can stop her. Will she reach the freedom?

Behind the scenes of Entity

I am still very thankfull for the amazing location, that we got, i think we got alittle lucky, and i absoluteley loved it. For the shoot i used my trusty canon 600d, a tripod and a nameless gimbal (ebay). I was working with friends and family on this 0 budget project, and it was fun creating something, getting over the challanges together. A gir from my school came and did the lighting, and i thought it was amazing, another friend of mine provided me the mindblowing soundtrack, and this was the first time i got a soundtrack custom made for a video, so that was all some great expirience!

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VideoMic Pro

Dominik Polanc

Sara Polanc - Co-Director

Rok Nardin - Composer

Petra Rebernik - Lighting, BTS camera