Ryan Chester
After a tragic car accident caused by robotics CEO Edmund Edger, Johnny Tungsten finds himself saved by company's mechanical body parts created and owned by Edger's company. But when the organization that rescued him becomes too possessive of its robot kid, Johnny must team up with his tech-savvy friend Brad to fight off the agents sent to apprehend him.

Behind the scenes of RoboKid

I filmed the movie in my neighborhood, my driveway, and my garage, using a Canon 70D for video and a RODE NTG-3 for audio. I edited the film using Adobe Premiere and did visual effects using Adobe After Effects. The music was composed using GarageBand, Finale, ACID Music Studio, and EastWest Composer Cloud's Hollywood Brass. The robot costume was made using Wonderflex, aluminum, plastic kneepads, and silver spray paint.

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