All Day Long

The Actors' Cafe
Story of a Rural women whole works "All Day Long" and has lucid dreams about her taking revenge on her in - laws and husband who make her work too much.

Behind the scenes of All Day Long

Products: Rode Boom Pole, Zoom Recorder H4N, Rode Mic NTG2
Rode Video Mic Go for capturing behind the scenes.
Behind the scenes shot on Nikon D3200
Shot on an Iphone 6 Plus

Location: In a small village on the outskirts of Bangalore, India

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VideoMic GO

The Actors' Cafe

Som Nayak - Director, Actor

Dimpy Fadhya - Actor

Vibhinna Ramdev - Actor

Karthik Sekar - Actor

Rahul Accot - Cinematographer

Yuva Kishore - Behind the scenes

Shiva Chitras - Behind the scenes

Joel George - Sound Recorder