Orange Head

Kyle Garcia
A high school students is hit on the head with an orange that was carelessly thrown by some of his classmates. He then experiences a strange voice in his head that compels him to say and do odd things.

Behind the scenes of Orange Head

Although I completely neglected to take another camera along with me while shooting "Orange Head", I took the time to sit in front of my personal computer and talk a little bit about it.

I admit that "Orange Head" is not the highest quality film. I attribute at least some of that to the fact that it was made completely by high school students with no budget. We made the best with the props that we could find laying around our houses and the set of our school.

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Kyle Garcia

Kyle Garcia - Cinematography/Sound/Editing

Michael Abenojar - Director/Actor

John Bataclan - Scriptwriter/Actor

Marcus Zavala - Lighting/Actor

Julian Carrillo - Lighting/Actor

Allen Guevarra - Actor