Augenblick (Blink of an Eye)

5nach12 Productions
Imagine... If you had to see everything in this world at all times. The best and your worst times. And all that in just a blink of an eye...

Behind the scenes of Augenblick (Blink of an Eye)

In this BTS you can hear what our motivations were, what the most difficult stuff was, and what gear we used to produce our short. We are located in Constance, Germany, so we tried to implement as many locations the city has to offer as we could. We hope you enjoy this little insight of the process behind "Augenblick". Have fun!

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VideoMic Pro

5nach12 Productions

Niklas Knezevic - Writer/ Director/ Editor/ Producer

Stefan Gritsch - Writer/ Director/ Main Role

Janika-Naomi Kamm - Main Role

David Häberlein - Music Composer

Carolin Pfänder - Costume Design/ Set Design