Gone Guys

Aleksander Haugdal
Two Guys in a forest discover they have mystical powers and try to get back to their families.

Behind the scenes of Gone Guys

We used the canon 550d primarily. We used both modern and vintage lenses.
Mostly handheld on a homemade shoulder rig.
The røde ntg1 was used for the sound plugged into the zoom h5.
The location is average norwegian forest.

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Aleksander Haugdal

Aleksander Haugdal - Director / VFX / SOUND / DP / Editing

Monika Baltrunaite - Assistant Director / Recordist

Andrine Haugdal - Light / Bts video

Håvard Nilsen - Composer

Henrik Aarnes - Composer

Aron Strand - Actor

Bjørn Egil Øygarden - Actor