Soundwired: Triumph TR4

Hawk Valley Productions
A short 'wired-for-sound' video, featuring my Dad's classic British convertible, a 1962 Triumph TR4.

Behind the scenes of Soundwired: Triumph TR4

This wired-for-sound was shot on location in the North Pennines (North East England), with a pair of Canon DSLR’s, a 700d and 550d. The short mostly comprises of two types of shot, on car and off car, all of which were filmed in one day.

On the car, the primary camera was attached to the convertible roof frame… with a lot of tape! For audio, the Røde VideoMicro was attached to the back bumper, by the exhaust, with cables routed through to the front of the car. As this is a directional mic, the NTG2 (with blimp) and the Videomic Pro were also used inside the car, with sound recorded simultaneously for syncing purposes.

Off the car, the audio was recorded with the blimp and NTG 2.
Sound was recorded with the Tascam DR-60D Mk2 and synced with the video angles in post.

The car featured in this wired-for-sound, is my Dad’s 1962 Triumph TR4.

A film by Jem Freiesleben & Lawrence Freiesleben, Hawk Valley Productions, 2016.

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VideoMic Pro

Hawk Valley Productions

Jem Freiesleben - Director, Editor, Audio, Camera

Lawrence Freiesleben - Driver