Open Hammer

16 Minutes
While working her usual shift, a data analyst finds herself in the middle of a bizarre situation...that escalated quickly.

Behind the scenes of Open Hammer

I first learned of My Rode Reel a couple of years ago from a friend. For the longest time I really wanted to join and finally this year I got my first DSLR camera, a Canon Rebel T5i or 700D.

The story is simple enough for a single location and a two day shoot. We filmed in a small office suite that a friend was kind enough to let us use. It was an editing suite and it was also there that we did the online touches for the film. We maximised the light coming from the computer monitors with an HDV led for highlights since space was very limited.

For audio recording we used the Rode smartLav+ connected to an Android phone that had a voice recorder. This was very convenient especially for our minimal setup. We used it to record live sound, voice over and the keyboard typing foley. It was just superb.

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16 Minutes

Ryan Orduña - Writer/Director

Genalyn Medina Orduña - Producer

Marjorie Martos Relador - Actress

Angpao Martin - Technical Support

Don Carpio - Visual Effects