Sonámbulo Films - Delta Park

Sonámbulo Films
Sebastian and Ana try to survive a world where machines are able to steal your identity. And with one breath you can die from environmental pollution.
No one to trust. All you can do is survive at any cost. Follow your instincts, appearances are deceiving.

Behind the scenes of Sonámbulo Films - Delta Park

In the making of this film we used a VideoMic microphone, recording sounds outside and voice-off.
We filmed in a public park and a desolated street, conveying a forgotten environment, destroyed by time. The characterization of the characters was done through prosthetic makeup, creating wounds and burns, allowing greater realism to the narrative.

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Sonámbulo Films

Joshua Gutiérrez - Director/Guionista

José Pablo Brousset - Director de fotografía

Eliud Jimenez - FX/Post-producción

Ricardo Maya - FX/Post-producción

Alejandra Brousset - Maquillaje

Luis Ruiz - Actor

Diana Arzate - Actriz