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A special dog is dognapped and it is up to a rescue agent to save it.

Behind the scenes of Dognap

For capturing scratch audio, we mostly used the RØDE Video Micro attached to the Sony a7s. Additional voices such as the phone call and etc. is recorded with an NTG1 through a Zoom H4N.

The choreography in this short is extremely important to us so it took us at least a week to come up and practice the moves.

For the props, we bought several fake knives and a fake hammer from TrueFX for safety reasons. (also the ashtray that was smashed in the Korean's face)
Additional blades and blood are added through to post-production.

The puppy in this short was never hurt in any way shape or form.


Rachel Lynn David - Rescue Agent
Fiona Ho - Korean #1/ Visual Effects
Connie Ho - Korean #2/ BTS editor

Aiman Samat - Writer/Director/Editor/Soundtrack

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JKK Films

Aiman Samat - Writer/Director