Fyrian Films
Two men desire the mysterious contents of a briefcase and will do anything to attain it.

Behind the scenes of Greed

The location was just outside downtown Los Angeles.
There were three of us altogether passing cameras to each other so we used the DJI Osmo with the Zenmuse X3 camera with Polar Pro ND16 filter.

It was all very spontaneous: Conceived, props&costume bought, choreographed and shot within 24 hours. Then Phillip had to fly back to London the same afternoon.

Sound was recorded on the Rode NTG4, Rode lav mic. Tascam recorder DR40D, Rode deadcap, Sony NDR ZX100 ariel headphones.

We shot the BTS on the Panasonic GH4 and the DJI Osmo.

Directed by Phillip Whiteman
Edited by Johnny Sullivan
Camera: Johnny, Phillip and Adam Mier.

We took film making inspiration from: John Cassvetes, Erich von Stroheim, Quentin Tarantino and Werner Herzog.

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Fyrian Films

Phillip Whiteman - Director

Johnny Sullivan - Cinematographer

David Polcino - Visual FX/colourist

Mike Ladouceur - Original Music

Roberto Begini - Mixing Engineer

Adam Meir - Agent 1

Phillip Whiteman - Agent 2