Flash Drive

The story is about a flash drive containing all the log-in details to the account of a dead Nigerian politician. It was acquired by a banker who wanted to sell the information to his rogue friends but they ended up killing themselves simply because of greed over the flash drive.

Behind the scenes of Flash Drive

The film was shot on the outskirts of lagos, Nigeria. It took about 2 weeks to shoot due to logistic challenges.

Two cameras was used, a canon DSLR 3Ti with 50mm lens and gopro hero4 black.

The indoor footage was shot with low light so we had to depend on post production to adjust exposure and reduce grain.

We did some make up and also use visual effects to create gunshots muzzle flash and blood spill.

We use adobe premiere to edit while adobe after effects was used for visual effects, Compositing and motion graphic

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VideoMic Pro


Adekunle Gafar - Director