Life: Feel Alive

Besnik Ibrahimi
This is a short film encouraging inspiration,value of life, passion and love. It is a perception an opinion and a way of thinking about life that everybody should adopt. To sum up, this short film is all about optimism, value of life passion, love and encouragement as well as calmness and freedom of thinking and following our human instincts.

Behind the scenes of Life: Feel Alive

Microphones used for the video where Rode VideoMicro on set and smartlav+ and NTG2 for voice over. The camera I used was Canon 6D with 50mm 1.8 STM lens. It was very dark so I was shooting with 1600iso and wide open aperture.
Interesting fact: I wrote the screenplay for 15 minutes. Then for 2 hours I shot the whole video and the editing was done for 1 hour 30 minutes. All in one day!

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Besnik Ibrahimi

Besnik Ibrahimi - Writer/Director/Editor

Jetmir Grubi - Actor