Blink project

George Corfield
This entry is a music video for a trip hop/ rapper based in Swindon aged 19 called Tseko, the track is Blink of the latest EP. When listening to the track I got the impression of a description of where we both live.I wanted to capture the song through moving picture and turn the song into another art form with the lyrics relating to parts of swindon that describes so well. The production took two days to film and had a zero budget we used everything we could get our hands on.

Behind the scenes of Blink project

I used in my project Blink an on camera Rode Mic Pro R to collect soundbites of ambient noise during the speech at the start of the production and for sound effects throughout. The Microphone gave me and my team a great quality of sound and gave the opening speech shape and feel, I managed to edit the vocal track we recorded with this microphone on logic pro to change it's effect into a muffled phone speaker sound but without the base of the rode mic I would of had to gone into more ways of editing when I was on Logic to reduce excess noise but luckily enough we sorted our selves out with the right kit.

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George Corfield