The Swan

Jimmy Kim
A cellist performs at her recital while remembering the path it took to get her there.

Behind the scenes of The Swan

Camera: Canon XA20
Microphone for scratch: Azden SGM-1X
Microphone for recording: Rode NT1-A

We shot the recital scenes in the main sanctuary of a local church and the flashback scenes at a friend's home. The sanctuary had a great spotlight pointed at the stage and was the only light used for the recital scenes. The flashback scenes were shot using only natural light. Thankfully, the spot in the house as right next to the screen door leading to the backyard providing ample light. The cello recording was done at our cellist's home using a Rode NT1-A connected to a Tascam DP-008EX 8 track recorder.

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Jimmy Kim

Jimmy Kim - Director/Editor

Andy Kim - Story/Editor/Sound/BTS