Bleach A**holes

Michael Liu / Matchstix Studios
Two hitmen reminisce about the good ol' days as they pull up on a job.

Behind the scenes of Bleach A**holes

Shot on the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera with a Rokinon 14mm Cine DS Lens.

I tackled this short as a one man band, doing the audio, operating and editing myself. With the time constraint and the lack of a gaffer, we shot in available light which the BMPCC and the ability to shoot in CinemaDNG came in very handy. I was able to retain the highlights while pulling a ton of information out of the shadows. It would have been nearly impossible to get the look with a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

Designed as a moving master, we blocked the actors so that it would start as a wide that turns into a medium and ends with a close up on Artess. This allowed us to focus on the audio and post production which was key for this short. To achieve this, we used a Steadicam Pilot and shot a an f/8 in full daylight.

We used a variety of Rode Microphones to get the final audio mix:

Rode NTR for ADR
Rode NTG-2 for Foley and wild sounds
Rode SVMX for on-camera and ambience
Rode Smartlav and Rode Rec app for Dialog

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Stereo VideoMic X

Michael Liu / Matchstix Studios

Michael Liu - Director/Dp/Editor/Sound Mixer