No. 6246530

No.6246530 - Lennox Production Team
In a world of mayhem millions of people are in danger in every moment of time.
Those who can afford it are connected to a secret service that will come and save you at any given time.
Each agent lives their life by a number, 'No.6246530' is active at the regional Northern Rivers outpost when Carmel is caught trapped in her house by notorious thieves.

Behind the scenes of No. 6246530

During the making of my short film 'No.6246530' we shot it all locally (NSW, Australia) taking advantage of some nice scenic locations. It was hard making the film for me as I was basically doing everything with the only crew being the actors, but I managed to get it all done and complete the short film. Thanks to all the actors and I hope you enjoy!

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No.6246530 - Lennox Production Team

Ben Allen - Director, Producer, Camera Operator, Editor & Colourist

John Allen - Actor

Carmel Allen - Actor

Jack Cornwell - Actor

Jack Douglas-Brown - Actor

Damon Cahill - Actor