City Legend

Screen Siege Films
A young man is driving through an empty town in his classic 1966 Mustang. Suddenly, a girl jumps out right in front of the oncoming car. The man doesn't know what to do and decides to give her a lift home...

Behind the scenes of City Legend

Our film required a lot of hard work and face paced production, since we could only record at night (and a scene right before sunrise). Luckily enough we managed to film all the takes with actors within the first day, though we had issues with our boompole operator and had to reshoot nearly all audio. We therefore had to schedule a 2nd shooting night in a town nearby where the Mustangs were situated. A lot of things were wrong and we managed to fix most of them. It was a very stressful couple of weeks, but that was also the very fun part!

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Screen Siege Films

Frank Exslager - Cinematography, editing, VFX

Adam Filip - Sound artist, foley

Szymon Mo?cicki - 2nd unit, BTS Cameraman

William Gruff - Actor (protagonist)

Zosia Dowiatt - Actress (lead)

Pola Lasota - Actress (supporting role), slate

Klara Wo?niak - script draft, casting

Pawe? Ma?aszuk - Main Mustang Driver

Jaros?aw Ma?aszuk - support Mustang driver

Piotr Wo?niak - Driver