Min Bedste Ven / My Best Friend

Clip Interference
The movie is about two best friends who gets girlfriends. But the girls end up tearing them apart. The guys can't stand, not to spend time with each other - and then they end up breaking up with their girlfriends

Behind the scenes of Min Bedste Ven / My Best Friend

We shot the short film on a cloudy day because it gave a much nicer and dramatic light and feel to the movie. The whole movie is filmed over two days because of a tight schedule but we have stayed patient and concentrated. All the actors are amateurs but we had a pretty professional teamwork.
The short film is without words – body language is a very big part of human communication and a universal language. I think the actors did a very good job using only body language.

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Stereo VideoMic

Clip Interference

Bøje B. Andersen - Blond guy

Rasmus I. Andersen - Dark haired guy

Emma Lundemann - The girl with glasses

Nanna Klæbel - Girl no. 2