Yukine (Sounds of Happiness)

Choosing which sounds to hear among various different sounds that we hear every day is like a person’s view of life.
The main character in the movie meets ‘sound’ in a human form. If ‘sound’ could be seen, what would it be like to be able to record its feelings as well?

Behind the scenes of Yukine (Sounds of Happiness)

Camera : Sony a7sii
Lenses : Rokinon Cine lens 35, 50, 85mm
Audio : I use a RØDE NTG4+ microphone. Rode microphones are easy to use and are the best choice for shooting low budget, small-scale films like ours.
RØDE NTG4+ microphone broadcast sound quality, and once fully charged, there is no worry of batteries running low when shooting a film. Even if the batteries run low, it can be fully charged via MicroUSB, meaning I can charge it anytime, anywhere.

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Souha - Director

Sugai Maiko - Producer

Hashimoto Jin - Actor

Takahashi Risako - Actress

Fujii Kentaro - Actor

Sekido Bunryo - Actor

Shin - Actor

Sugai Kinue - Actress

Osa Eikonosuke - Actor