Good Hustle Productions
Four thugs find themselves suspicious of one another after a heist gone wrong. Is there a rat among them? Will their paranoia get the better of them? Revenge is sweet but retribution can be sweeter.

Behind the scenes of Splinter

This film was created in the southern (gangster) suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa. A small but dedicated crew worked through the night to create a suspenseful drama with dark cinematic undertones and storylines. Filmed on a Sony A7Si, the look and feel of the film was inspired by the gangster genre and pays a homage to old heist films. Plus the Ninja Turtles!

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Good Hustle Productions

Dale Wolf - Writer/Director/DOP/Editor

Roxanne Burger - Producer

Havischka Tewary - Production Manager

Imran ‘Blaiz’ Goga - Assistant DOP

Lizzy Dee - Behind the Scenes Camera/Editor

Morag Steyn - Makeup

Anthony Croft - Sound Design/Final Mix