Khemarintr Suwanchote

Team Apu
A young Indian clerk must face more obstacles than we may think.

Behind the scenes of Khemarintr Suwanchote

My Rhode Reel Khemarintr Suwanchote BTS we filmed in Tacoma Washington with the Rhode Blimp, Deadcat over that blimp. The blimp was mounted on a Rhode boom pole, and each of our cameras were at one time equipped with a Rhode Micro or Rhode Video Mic Pro.

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VideoMic Pro

Team Apu

Khemarintr Suwanchote - Director, Producer, Editor, Writer

Isai'ah Le'ea - Producer

Nate Richholt - Cinematographer

Chun Kit Lam - Production Designer

Akash Sharma - Actor

James Langston - Actor

Tyler Thompson - Actor

Joe Ptasnik - Actor

Sean Navarrete - Audio Technician