For Us

Without Walls Media
"When you're here, you're not... I don't know where you've gone"
Kelsey will no longer live in the dark. Kevin sees where it all went wrong.

Behind the scenes of For Us

This film was shot in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. It was filmed the sony a7s2, and the BTS was shot on the sony a7ii. Both were edited and colored in Adobe Premiere CC. The music was composed in Logic express 9. All audio was recorded with the Rode smartlav+ into the Rode Rec app on my iPhone 6 and post production on audio was done in Logic Express 9

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Without Walls Media

Kris Potter - Writer, producer, director, editor, music composer, filmmaker

Megan Potter - Producer, behind the scenes camera operator

Kevin Piper - Actor

Kelsey Rousseau - Actor