Home is a short film about man's struggle with the environment. As he tries to cultivate his small part of the World, those around him carelessly pollute it.

Behind the scenes of HOME

We used Sony A7SII, Samyang 35mm, Tilta Shoulder Rig, Manfrotto tripod, Sound Devices 302, K-tek Klassic, Rode Boompole, Sennheiser MKH-416, Zoom h6, Tiffen 1/4 Black Promist Filter. We decided to use music instead of live sound due to the loud wind and time restraints, meaning we only had one day to shoot.

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Fatosh Olgacher - director, producer, dop, editor, bts editor

Liz Carlyon - sound, music, extra

Mark Garrity - assistant director, extra, bts camera

Sophie Butler - assistant camera, bts camera

Jo Douka - make-up artist

Robert Priest - extra

Matthew Hunt - actor

Weebuoy - sound assistant, extra