Russian Roulette

Rumle Kjaer productions
'Russian Roulette' is the horror-drama style story of a guy who gets in a sticky situation.

Behind the scenes of Russian Roulette

Shot on the Sony A6300 with RØDE Videomic GO we created this 4K horror-drama styled film.

We shot both in our highschools basement, in a residential neighborhood, by a factory and at a very shady looking place with abandoned houses.

It was very challenging and it took ages to edit, which was done in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

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VideoMic GO

Rumle Kjaer productions

Rumle Kjaer - Director/Editor/DoP/VFX Artist

Toke Ratleff - Writer/Actor

Daniel Sole - Actor/PA

Emil R Andersen - Actor/PA

Marc Nørhave - BTS Cameraman

Oliver Jiang - Actor

Søren Westh Wold - PA

Sander Nielsen - Boom-OP