When a friend is sad you are suppose to be there for them. This videos shows shows and questions people and when they are there for their friends. We had our friends, family and complete strangers help us out in the creation of this video. Hope you enjoy!

Behind the scenes of Assumptions

Our short film was shot with the Canon 80d with Canon 18-135 lens. We used the RØDE NTG-2 hooked into our Canon 80d. Project was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. All actors and actress were strangers, friends, or family that we asked on the fly. We asked them to just read one line and sign a release form. Probably the most impressive thing on this project was the time frame we filmed it in. Three days. Planned it Friday May 29, 2016. Filmed Saturday and Sunday. Edited Sunday and Monday. Reviewed and posted Monday and Tuesday.

We want to thank all the people that helped us in the making of this video. From the strangers, to our family, to our friends. Without them we would not have a such a great video. Thank you to Tori for playing the girl crying in the beginning and end.

Marcus Nelson - Director, Main camera and Editor of Main video
Demetri Brown - writer, and interviewer
Dominick Tarangelo - BTS camera and BTS editor

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Marcus Nelson - Director

Demetri Brown - Writer

Dom Tarangelo - Producer