Titan Throw Productions
Peacemaker Elaine arrives just in the nick of time to save a fellow outsider from an atrocious man and his hired thug.

Behind the scenes of Whitetails

After wrapping up my first short film, I felt that it'd been a disaster. we had more than our fair share of complications regardless of how much we tried to prepare. To be honest, I felt a little defeated. Then I started going through the BTS footage. Despite everything that went wrong, everyone was actually having fun. I was having fun! I guess sometimes we focus so much on the things that we did wrong that we forget we also get a lot of things right. Having fun following your passions should always be more important than anything else. So I'm proud to show this project to you guys. Not because it's a perfect representation of my vision, but because everyone involved was having a good time doing something they love. That in itself is its own reward.

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Titan Throw Productions

Hugo Guzman - Director/Producer

Justin Brown - Director of Photography

Kyle Dolwer - Boom Operator

Austin Williams - Lavalier Operator

Sarah Watson - Script Supervisor

Cinthia Guzman - Make-up Artist/Production Assistant