Ragnarok Studios
The movie is about a homeless man and how he struggles to get his life back on track. Through the movie we experience how his life has changed, from childhood until this very day.

Behind the scenes of Deadweight

Some of the equipment we have used:
-Rode Videomic Pro x2
-Panasonic GH4
-LED lights
-Bouncing boards

We used seven different locations in Oslo for the shoot.

One of the shots in Deadweight was filmed backwards and has been reversed. This was the most challenging shot we came across.

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VideoMic Pro

Ragnarok Studios

Eskil Hoel Abrahamsen - Director of photography & editor

Fredrick Falck Skogstad - Director

Aksel Andersen - Director

Tinius Tenold - Costumes & props

Jakob Øverli - Sound

Martin Vik Burmo - Graphics & BTS