Trust Me

Hunter Williams
Amber (Libby Johnston) and Mark (Braydon Robinson) are trapped in a bunker in the wake of the 2012 apocalypse. When Mark becomes violently ill, Amber must return to the surface to find help.

Behind the scenes of Trust Me

We only latched onto the idea of creating a film for My RØDE Reel just over a week before the June 1st deadline. I had an idea for a short film that I had been meaning to create and made the necessary adjustments to ensure that it would fall under the 3 minute time limit. After writing the script on the Tuesday morning, casting and finding crew on Tuesday afternoon, gathering props, borrowing gear and developing the script on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, location scouting on Saturday and then shooting on Sunday, the time for editing came. For location we used the bottom level of a building development in the Auckland (New Zealand) CBD. We were extremely lucky with the location as it had everything we required for the script and easy access to power. The only downside, every piece of film equipment I own is now covered in sawdust. For equipment, we used one work-light, two 160 LED panels, Panasonic GH4, Canon 18-55mm kit lens, Canon 50mm ’nifty-fifty’ lens and a broken tripod. The editing took place over a fast paced 24 hour period. Production was a highly stressful, full intensity 8 days, but with that being said, we all had a fantastic time shooting and it was a really great experience working with a crew and developing my skills as a filmmaker. All crew were aged 16, both members of cast were age 17. We are happy with the way ‘Trust Me’ turned out and hope everyone enjoys it!

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VideoMic Pro

Hunter Williams

Hunter Williams - Director / Writer

Nick Vyle - Behind The Scenes / Audio

Nicola Perry - Behind The Scenes / Lighting

Sam Ford - Behind The Scenes / Lighting

Hunter Williams - Director Of Photography / Editor

Hunter Williams - Producer