Act 1971 Chapter 38

Anna Gordon and Nicole Wales
A full time nurse, struggling to deal with her day to day stresses of her career and personal life turns to stealing supplies from the hospital to satisfy her addiction to Morphine. When alcohol didn't suffice, Gail Price turned to something much harsher, and with full access to medical supplies, at her disposal, she takes advantage of her professional position, and begins to steal morphine from the supply closet.

Behind the scenes of Act 1971 Chapter 38

Within this production we used a Rode Condenser Shotgun Microphone to record the voiceover in a studio to make sure it was clear and concise with no interference. Using a good lighting system was vital in our production to capture the image as we had envisioned. We used a classic three-point lighting system, using a candle as a backlight, and a practical light. The creative choice to have dim low-angle lighting with predominately practical light for example a kitchen lamp and a candle was to symbolise the dark themes of our film in an indirect manner. While filming on a Canon 700D DSLR we wanted to make sure we captured all aspects of the scene, so we covered all angles with a variety of wide shots and singles shots to cut between, as well as extreme close ups to present human emotion clearly. We made sure to keep in mind the rule of thirds while filming. Another creative choice that we made was to use a letterbox filter which we created in photoshop, as we felt that it makes the production more aesthetically pleasing. The musical choice of Sad Day from gave an emotional tone to the film to encourage an emotional response from the audience, who have had minimal interaction with this character. Although background sound effects are minimal, we included some such as slapping the arm and the whistling kettle as a powerful impact cutting through all the other audio.

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Anna Gordon and Nicole Wales

Anna Gordon - Writer/Director

Nicole Wales - Writer/Director