Kindness Formula

Cathleen Conte
A young girl wants to participate in the National Kindness Day. She searches for a formula to create Kindness to share with others.

Behind the scenes of Kindness Formula

This film short was shot on Nikon D3300. Used RODE video mic pro and RodeLink Wireless Filmmaker Kit fed to Zoom h4. Scenes were shot indoors, in a supermarket, park, neighborhood streets. It took over 7 weekends to shoot due to scheduling and climate. We were a crew of 2. RodeLink was great to work with - easy pairing, battery life lasted through 3 days of shooting few hours each day. Only challenge was keeping the Tx out of camera shots.

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RØDELink Filmmaker Kit
VideoMic Pro

Cathleen Conte

Cathleen Conte - Writer, Director, Videographer, Editor, Sound Mixer