The moment that we are all getting through, we were getting through or we will be getting through.

Behind the scenes of NIEBO

The video was shot on Canon 600D with Helios M44 lens. For the audio Zoom H2n with RØDE VideoMic were used.
We were shooting at our friend's basement.

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Michal Sadowski - Cinematography, Editing, Screenplay, Directing, Acting (1st char.)

Wiktoria Luchowska - Screenplay, Directing

Emilia Bojarczuk - Acting (2nd char.)

Milosz Luchowski - Acting (3rd char.)

Przemyslaw Mrowinski - Acting (4th char.)

Joanna Wypych - Acting (5th char.)

Pawel Goncikowski - Acting (6th char.)

Julia Glen - Acting (7th char.)