Cock Fight

Polka Dot Rocket
Cock fight Explores the masculine tensions that can occur between two men Where they feel very strongly about each other but your really don't know what are those feelings.

Behind the scenes of Cock Fight

This was shot Mother's Day morning at the windiest place in the lower mainland that day Iona Beach. The wind was nearly enough to knock you over and waves were crashing in like we were on the open ocean. We shot this with the Blackmagic 2.5k and a stacked ISCOStar Anamorphic Projector lens. Audio was captured with the NTG1 in the Rode blimp and dead wombat into the Tascam 70D recorder.

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Polka Dot Rocket

Riaan Smit - Writer

Riaan Smit - Actor

Spencer Teeter - Actor

Reilly lievers - Director / Cinematographer

Reilly Lievers - Editor