Beyond Pluto

Filip's 3D Studios
In the short film, Beyond Pluto, a young man finds himself on a voyage to Eris. When the landing attempt is about to be made, an explosion rocks the station knocking the shuttle away. To find out what happens next, watch the full film right here.

Behind the scenes of Beyond Pluto

At first I had no idea how I am going to do all the VFX scenes as I had almost no professional experience with After Effects. Nevertheless, I decided to put up tracker markers on the green screen and film as if I knew exactly what I am going to do later. My sister, Vendy Zapecova, and my good friend, Junghyun Choi helped with the camera and sound. They both operated the camera and boom pole when needed and I was the main actor.

Later, after I was finished with all the scenes I dropped them onto my monstrous editing computer and opened after effects. I blankly started and wondered, "What next?"

I started working and doing the things I could, the things I knew how to do. I created a new project and a new composition but then I didn't know what to do. I watched a couple of random tutorials and after watching the first two I went back into after effects and things seemed a little more familiar. I figured out how to use motion trackers on my own and as well how to paint them out after the tracking process is complete. I learned how to use Video Copilot's lens flares and had a lot of fun throughout.

I then took all my scenes and dropped them into Final Cut Pro X which I would use as my finalizing software. After I was nearly completely my project would crash on me and wouldn't revive. I had to restart all the finalization in Premiere but luckily made it on time.

I am looking forward to participating next year.

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Micro Boompole Pro

Filip's 3D Studios

Filip Zapeca - Director, Editor, Actor

Junghyun Choi - Assistant Director, Actor, Cameraman

Vendula Zapecova - Camerawoman, Sound