Erase Her

Imperfect Studios
An eraser opens up about her life in the hands of an artist she'd do anything for. Love, pain, and betrayal, are all in a days work.

Behind the scenes of Erase Her

Our film was made with an iPhone 6s+. We used a Rhode NTG-2 for effects and foley. It was filmed over the course of 3 days, with a filming crew consisting of four members.

We had a wonderful time collaborating together in order to make this video come alive. This video could not have been made possible without each of my team members great collaboration, support, and work ethic. Please keep an eye out for our group, Imperfect Studios. We hope to create much more going forward as a team! Thank you.

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Imperfect Studios

Marie Anne Torres - Director/Writer

DeAngelo Robinson - Producer/Editor/Sound

Amanda Sweet - Co-Director/Narrator

Tristan Littles - Set Design/Sound