Only a Dream...

Bethany Wilson (& Co.)
This short film is about a girl who dreams or being a singer, and she has her moments to shine on stage. But really it is all in her head and she is right back where she started - it was only a dream.

Behind the scenes of Only a Dream...

This film was shot primarily in two places. At my house for the first scene and for the stage scene I shot it at school with help from some friends. I used iMovie to edit the footage and I used my RODE Nt2-A mic to record the song that's at the end of the video. This is my first film and learning how everything happens has been so much fun! Thanks to everyone who helped and thanks to RODE for providing this awesome opportunity to learn in a fun and engaging way. We had a blast shooting this!

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Bethany Wilson (& Co.)

Bethany Wilson - Concept design, filming, sound, editing, scripting, costume, etc.

Matt Hudson - Camera B (stage scene) and stage design/ setup/ lighting