The Refugee

Malik Bouabid
On the look out for "The Refugee", little do they know only trouble and misfortune await them... Who is this refugee? ...

Behind the scenes of The Refugee

I shot this with the a7s, sigma 17-70mm, rode video mic. The hardest part about this short was that we had to pass an entire extension cable across the canal and someone had to hold the extensions together each take to power the lights, since they where defective. 0$ budget, couple dollar store props, the things you do for film haha.

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Malik Bouabid

Malik Bouabid - Producer/Director/DOP/Camera/Editor/Actor/Choreography/Sound Design

Lester Urizar - Actor/Choreography/Camera

Karim Naanaa Litvinov - Actor/Choreography/PA

Malik Kandjy - Actor/Choreography/PA

Mariana Gabriela Garcia Ruiz Garcia - Actor

Nicolas Champagne - Actor/Choreography

Jake Lewis - Actor/Choreography

Brandon Joseph - Actor/Choreography

Max - Actor

Albin Larsson - Visual Effects