Bascom Brothers
In the style of animated featurettes, "Together" follows the family dynamic of a father, mother and daughter through a trying time. We hope you enjoy watching this short film as much as we enjoyed making it!

Behind the scenes of Together

We chose to use only dolly or tripod shots in order to remove the human element from the camera operation, and to make it feel for like an animated short. Using a china ball, as well as other lighting setups, we lit each scene in attempt to create a natural, yet stylized look. Finally, the score was recorded using two Rode NT1A's. These large diaphragm condenser mics in a stereo pair picked up an excellent picture of the upright piano. The score amplified the emotion and continuity of the piece.

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Bascom Brothers

Eric Schirtzinger - Director

Nick Klesmith - Cinematographer

Jacob Holiday - B.T.S. Lead