Sam Jackson
This film is about going on adventures and living life and how we can be discouraged to live life because of our fears. We limit the opportunities we have in life because of fear and means we're just not living our dreams. The message of this film is: Adventure in the direction of your fear.

Behind the scenes of Adventure

I shot this film in one day at a location near where I live. The location is an old abandoned colliery. With only myself shooting it and my friend capturing some BTS with his GoPro Hero 3 on a chest mount. I used the Sony A7 with the Rode Video Mic Pro as I find the both together a great setup because the preamp in the A7 is really nice. I also took the Canon 24 - 105mm f4/L. This was actually the only lens I used one the main shoot. I did take two extra Minolta lens' which were the 50mm 1.7 and 28mm 3.5 which are great as backup. I also used a glide cam that was like $45 on amazon. I think through making this film I've learned that you don't always need a huge budget and crew to make something great and I'm glad I've finally realised that.

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Sam Jackson

Sam Jackson - Director, Writer, Videographer, Sound, Edit, Grade

Luke Jackson - Featuring

Daniel Jones - Featuring, BTS shooter