Devil's Advocate

Aether Motion
A skeptic's doubt is put to the test when a ghost hunter claims to have a recording of the devil's voice.

Behind the scenes of Devil's Advocate

"Devil's Advocate" was produced with 8 days of pre production, one night of production, and 8 days of post. We shot it on a Canon 70D with the Rode Videomic Pro. Special thanks to Ahren and Kristin for capturing BTS footage!

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VideoMic Pro

Aether Motion

Michelle Iannantuono - Director/Writer/Editor/Director of Photography

Kathleen O'Shaughnessy - Sam (lead)

Michael Daly - Charlie (lead)

Tiffani Brown - Kelsey (supporting)

Austin Butts - Music Composition/Sound Supervisor

Ahren Ciotti - Lighting Supervisor/BTS Camera

Kristin Casamassina - Makeup/BTS Camera/Clapper Loader

Amanda Dinges - Background Actor

Jacob Dinges - Background Actor

Gabe Segarra - Background Actor

Erik Dornbush - Background Actor