The Transgressions Pill

Ash Walmsley
Imagine a pill that could bring past sins to the surface.
Now, swallow.

Behind the scenes of The Transgressions Pill

Shot in a 2m x 2m walk-in wardrobe, The Transgressions Pill is about a character performance more than action and effects.
While the small room provided exceptional audio quality, the tight space meant a minimal rig was required.
This is where the Rode Video Mic came into it's own.
It was attached via a Rode 3.5mm cable to a Nikon 3300 DSLR, shooting at 25fps with a single light source to give it the feel of an interview/interrogation room.
The camera was set to "sunset" mode to give the blackest blacks and a virtually blacked-out background.
The microphone was placed directly below me (as the actor) to capture the most intimate sounds such as slurred speech or swallowing.
In order to show the stress and guilt levels rising from within over the course of an hour, I aimed to look more dishevelled as time went on.
This included achieving watery, bloodshot eyes by rubbing cayenne pepper into them.
It hurt. It hurt a lot. I did actually think I might go blind at one point.
But the effect strongly indicates a man confronting some dark, long buried secrets.

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Ash Walmsley

Ash Walmsley - Writer, director and actor