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A girl struggles with her demons, leading her to discover something she never knew was possible.

Behind the scenes of Iris

With our shoestring budget, we could not be picky about our equipment. We shot one camera: a 5d mk II, stabilised using a knock-off steadicam-like stabiliser and recorded ambient sound on an external recorder using two Rode mics: the VideoMic and the StereoVideoMic Pro, which we had to jerryrig to a makeshift boom pole made from a light-stand. Lights were also made by the crew from readily available flashlights found in construction supermarkets. Voice recording was done in makeshift studio, but you'll have to ask our sound crew for details.

The whole film was shot on location in Poznan, Poland in the beautiful Solacz Park at dawn, and in a forest near the neighbourhood of Swierczewo at dusk, all making for an authentic feel.

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Stereo VideoMic Pro

Corvus Pictures

Barbara Sikora - Screenwriter

Barbara Sikora - Producer

Barbara Sikora - Director

Maria Andrzejewska - Grip

Maria Andrzejewska - Art Director

Mateusz Boinski - Male Lead

Mateusz Boinski - BTS filmmaker

Joanna Piasecka - Female Lead

Maria Kuczek - Voice Talent

Szymon Kawecki - Screenwriter

Szymon Kawecki - Executive Producer

Jan Garstecki - Sound Engineer

Marcin Wilczek - Cinematographer

Marcin Wilczek - Editor