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I had the idea for this film probably the best way possible - just chatting with a friend having that "you should make a film about it" moment. I am telling the story of what happens in your mind after you go to sleep in the evening. In the beginning I had many doubts if I could actually make this film happen because I couldn't find anyone to make it with but I managed to pull it off all on my own.

Behind the scenes of REM

Half of the film was shot in New Zealand, the main part in Hawkes Bay to be precise. The rest (mainly those scenes you can't really pull off when living in a van with a backpack) was shot here in Germany. I used my Sony a7ii which, although not being primarily for video, absolutely wins over the dslr I used in the past (thanks to s-log2, I could actually color grade properly). I have the Rode Videomic on the cam pretty much all the time and used the SmartLav+ for the voiceover.

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Nicolas Markschat

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