HOBBY Productions
Otto is a boy who is afraid of growing up. An insight into his future family life helps him realise that may it not be all that bad.

Behind the scenes of Twelve

It took 2 months to make TWELVE, from first writing it to saving the finished product.
It was filmed on a Canon Powershot SX50 HS, compact camera. The audio was recorded on a RØDE VideoMic PRO to a Zoom H2n Recorder.
It was edited and colour graded on Lightworks. The soundtrack was composed by Aisha Goodman, recorded on a RØDE NT-USB and edited on GarageBand.

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VideoMic Pro

HOBBY Productions

Tilly Hobkirk - Director, Writer, Producer, Editor

Aisha Goodman - Score Composer

Lilly Lacey - Tilly's Little Helper 1

Tash Dumlao - Tilly's Little Helper 2