The Sinister Follows

Palmans Films & Moorrees Entertainment
A young man is haunted by an evil spirit.

Jura’s body died 50 years ago, but her spirit lives on, here on earth till this very day. And it wants revenge! Revenge on all the men that hurt woman. She’s constantly looking for victims.

Behind the scenes of The Sinister Follows

Behind the scenes of The Sinister Follows.

Director: Zainal Palmans
Editor: Fians Moorrees
Camera #1: Ismaël Moorrees
Camera #2: Arjan Suurd
Writer: Rianne van Hoof
Cast: Zilana Moorrees & Fians Moorrees

Filmed in The Netherlands, Hoogeveen.

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Palmans Films & Moorrees Entertainment

Fians Moorrees - Producer / Editor / Actor

Zainal Palmans - Director

Arjan Suurd - Camera #1

Rianne van Hoof - Writer

Ismaël Moorrees - Camera #2