Alex "Pressplay" Wohleber
My short documentary film on Misha Mansoor of the band Periphery. This is an introspective look into his career and the importance of his guitar.

Behind the scenes of Guitarist

I traveled across Europe and North America with the band Periphery. I used a Canon 7D Mark II to photograph and film. After the tours were complete, I edited an introspective piece on founder and guitarist, Misha Mansoor. I filmed everything with the Canon 7D Mark II, and did the only audio in the film with the Rode Filmmaker Kit. Although there is footage from the past year, the film was created, edited, and scored within the time period of this competition. The score was also completely custom made in the short film by Misha and myself.

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Alex "Pressplay" Wohleber

Alex Wohleber - Director, Filmmaker, Editor