Vigilante DC

GenMaro Creative
Running from a heist, a robber takes refuge in an underground parking lot, thinking himself to be in the clear, only to be interrupted by the upcoming Vigilante DC.

Behind the scenes of Vigilante DC

Filmed over 3.5-4 hours (8:30pm-12am) on SONY FS700 due to location restraints.
Budget: $350 (Insurance and location permit)
RODE Gear: NTG2 with boom, deadcat, and blimp for all ADR and sound.
1 Full day of choreography practice and tweaking.
Originally planned to be a one shot, changed for my actor's safety and energy levels.
No mats or real safety gear were used due to money constraints and bad luck, as some mats that we had were sold without our knowledge. My actors jokingly said: time to do it Hong Kong style! (Because, in the early days, Hong Kong never used stunt people or safety stuff. Example: Jackie Chan)

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GenMaro Creative

Genaro Marzan - Director/DP/Editor/Fight Choreographer

Zack Feitelberg - Actor/Fight Choreographer

Julian Yuen - Actor/Fight Choreographer

Colleen Dallons - BTS Interview Camera Op

Noah Soriano - BTS Interview Boom Op